Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of investing with VRED?

– Affordable access – VRED is creating access to property investment at affordable and accessible to everyone. You need a minimum deposit of $100 to begin investing in BITS.

No property management hassle – VRED manages all the properties and you have absolutely no property management obligations. Experienced property managers may be engaged to assist with managing the properties.

Diclosure and control – VRED provides information about each property, which assists you to form a view and acquire BITS in the individual properties that you select.

– Tax free returns up to 16%.

– No FIRB Foreign Investment Review Board.

What is Virtual Real Estate Developments (VRED)?

VRED is an online property investment platform designed to make property investment more accessible and affordable for investors.

VRED empowers investors to invest and transact in indirect part ownership of underlying properties in units called BITS and enjoy the benefits of reduced investment processes and costs. As an investor in VRED you can benefit from the capital returns of your investment properties without being concerned with the hassle of managing them.

You receive regular valuation updates of your BITS holdings, as well as access to each property’s historical and suburb data, due diligence documents and investment cases.

In addition the VRED allows you to list your BITS for sale when you decide.

Is my money and information secure?

The security of your VRED Account is of the highest importance to us. We use security technology that allows your personal information to be transmitted securely.

We also comply with a Privacy Policy which sets out our procedures for collecting, using and disclosing your personal information.

All client funds are held in a segregated client account, separate to the business activities of VRED.

What are the fees involved?

VRED charges a 1.75% transaction fee when you buy or sell your BITS. Our goal is to make money from our developments in conjunction with our investors as VRE are part of the investment group holding a minimum 20% of all properties.

How is my investment held separate from the VRED business?

Each VRED property is held in a separate trust. VRED is an authorised representative of the Responsible Entity for the purposes of providing general financial product advice and dealing services in relation to interests in managed investment schemes (which includes Interests and BITS) and dealing services in relation to general insurance. VRED is the owner of the technology and website behind the VRED Platform.

What reports will I receive?

As a VRED Member you can log in and view the details of your Account and any BITS Holdings you may have.

The reports described below are also available for download and printing:

VRE and Transaction Confirmation Statement – this details all the BITS you have purchased and/or sold on an individual transaction basis.

Annual Statement – provides details of your investment in the VRED Platform (including BIT holdings) as at 30 June each year.

An Annual Report – financial report for the VRED Platform for each financial year ending 30 June.

Buying BITS

Setting up your VRED account is simple. Begin by registering and verifying your email.

Then all you have to do is to login into your account, accept our Terms & Conditions and add some personal information in order to verify your identity.

Now you will be ready to begin depositing funds and start investing!

Selling BITS

You can sell your Bits through the “sell bits” tab on the member dashboard. To do this, you must place a Sell Order into the form for the relevant property (click Sell Bits on the corresponding property listing page), specifying the number of Bits you wish to sell and the sale price per BIT.

You can only sell Bits that you own. The sale price you set must not be less than 20% lower of the latest current Bit Valuation.

To assist you in setting your sale price the regular BIT Valuations, property related documents and industry data are available for you to consider.

A sale occurs when there is a willing buyer who agrees to purchase your BITS at the price you have set. You can cancel a Sell Order at any time before it is matched with a corresponding purchase by going to the Pending Sell Orders section within your Account.

The proceeds on a completed sale of BITS will be distributed into your account, minus any transaction fees.