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Leppington is a Unit Development comprising 200 plus units located in Sydney’s South West corridor.

What is an option on land?

In simple terms, a landowner will grant a property developer an option for a fixed term of months/years to purchase their land. The sale price is agreed at the time of option signing.

The option on Land for Byron Rd is for 18 months and will be sold at a percentage which we could achieve in selling to the open market. The total site area is approximately 17,000 square meters and currently zoned R3 medium density. We anticipate an increase to the current zoning due to various contributing factors.

How do option’s provide such great returns?

An option means we get control of the underlying asset for anywhere between 2% and 10% of the offered value, we then aim to increase that value with time and or additional use for the site.

In the following example we fix the price for the land at $15,000,000.00 pay a total of 4% for the option and $200,000.00 in fees

We based it on the following numbers: 200 units gives us a base of $70,000.00 per site.We can then add additional value through time and increased use/sites for the development and change the final price.

Time increase at 5% completed DA increase and an additional 40 units would change to the following
$70,00.00 x 5% = $73,500.00 plus DA value = $95,000.00 x 240 units $22,800,000.00.

Subtract our original offer $14,000,000.00 and our return is $7,800,000.00 minus costs.

Returning us our initial investment along with a return of 975% all the way through secured by real estate assets can your crypto currency do that with no real downside risk.

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