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Moore St is a Unit Development comprising 15 units located in Sydney’s South West corridor.

It is a small development with the view of providing a safe space for women who are transitioning from domestic violence.

We are looking to complete the CC process raise development funds and then retain the future result as we believe it will appeal to our different member profiles.

The option will return above 50% for the 6 month period

The development will return 20% for the 12 month period

And the on going operational return will be 8%+ cash on cash with the addition of the underlying asset

What is an option on land?

In simple terms, a landowner will grant a property developer an optionĀ for a fixed term of months/years to purchase theirĀ land. The sale price is agreed at the time of option signing.

The option on Land for Moore St is for 6 months and will be sold at a percentage which we could achieve in selling to the open market. The total site area is approximately 900 square meters and currently zoned R3 medium density.

How do option’s provide such great returns?

An option means we get control of the underlying asset for anywhere between 2% and 10% of the offered value, we then aim to increase that value with time and or additional use for the site.

In the following example we fix the price for the land at $1,100,000.00 pay a total of 4% for the option and $40,000.00 in fees

As we are looking to develop this project upon completion and it is a charitable project our option upside will be capped at 50% for the 6 month period.


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Moore St Campbelltown
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